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Since 15th January 2018  there is up to €6000 NEW GRANT aid available through the SEAI Better Energy Homes Scheme to help you improve the external wall insulation in your home. Even if you already have any wall insulation, you may still be losing heat if it’s damaged, less than is necessary or incorrectly installed. The growing popularity of external wall insulation is based on the numerous advantages that this technology offers.
Greinplast External Wall Insulation Ltd is one of the biggest External Wall Insulation Systems suppliers in Ireland providing services to over 60 contractors around the country, carrying huge range of stock.
External Wall Insulation System cuts down on energy costs, improves the living comfort by providing a pleasant micro-climate and contributes to the protection of our environment. On the other hand, Greinplast External Wall Insulation Ltd have a decorative function and ensure the attractive appearance of the facade through a wide choice of renders, paints, windowsills and windows mouldings.

Save Energy Cost and refurbish your home with Greinplast External Wall Insulation Systems

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