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Elastic facade pain

Used in manual laying of elastic external coatings (in the option with limited content of coating protective materials, also for internal paint coatings), usually on bases on which cracks at a width no larger than 100 µm appeared. The coating is bonded under the influence of UV rays, therefore its top layer is hard, and the base remains flexible. The paint creates matte, fine-grained coatings at medium thickness, with a moderate vapour penetration ratio, and low water permeability, covers cracks. The paint can be applied on the following bases: thin-layer plasters (mineral, polymer, polymer-mineral). It can also be used to cover already existing paint coatings of the same type, for renovation purposes. Available in colours that can be found in Greinplast colour scheme for facade products. Upon the customer’s request, other colour schemes are available.

Packaged in the following containers: 10l/15kg, 5l/7.5kg (white) and 9l/13.5kg, 4.5l/6.75kg (colour).


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