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Preparation removing polymer stains

Used to remove difficult stains of paints and acrylic plasters, silicone, fats, oils, soot, resins and transportation contaminations from various surfaces.  The preparation is also effective in the removal of grease, mud, tar and asphalt residues. When removing stains, follow guidelines printed on the preparation package. The product does not contain caustic soda, which makes it safe for the user. When used properly, it does not damage varnished, rubber, glass, clinker, and metal surfaces (also those made of copper, galvanised and nickel-plated).

Packaged in 5, and 1l containers.


Before the preparation is used, the cleaned surface needs to be slightly moisturised with water. Apply the suitable solution onto the soiled surface using a brush or low-pressure spraying device. The concentrate should be thinned with warm water, at a temperature of max. 30°C, in the following proportions:
- 1:2-1:5 – when removing remains of plaster and acrylic, silicate and silicone paints from various surfaces (concrete, glass, metal sheet etc.). Wait between 20 and 45 minutes. When the preparation is working, make sure that the cleaned surface is kept moist. Rinse with plenty of water, at a temperature ca. 20-40°C, using a high-pressure device.
- 1:5-1:10 – when removing greasy stains from various surfaces (facades, concrete, paving setts, brick). Wait for ca. 5 minutes (leaving the preparation on the cleaned surface for a longer period of time may cause damage). Rinse with plenty of warm water (ca. 20°C), using a high-pressure device.
- 1:10-1:20 – to clean facades from heavy, traffic-generated contamination, soot etc. Apply the preparation from bottom to top. Wait 5-10 minutes (leaving the preparation on the cleaned surface for a period longer than 10 minutes may cause damage). Rinse with plenty of warm water (ca. 20°C), using a high-pressure device, from bottom to top.

Recommendations and remarks

The temperature of the base and its surroundings during the application should not be lower than +5°C. During the preparation application, use personal protection equipment (protective clothing, gloves and safety goggles). Secure all surface that do not require cleaning. Irritant – avoid contact with the skin and eyes. Before the preparation is used on the entire cleaned surface, make a test at a concealed spot. The preparation must be used in accordance with the manual; failure to do so may result in damages on the cleaned surface.

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