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Bitumen priming preparation

Used to form a priming layer under hydro-insulations made of bitumen masses: Greinplast IBD, Greinplast IBS, Greinplast IBR, on concrete bases, walls, terraces, roof slopes, slab roofs and hot-welded tar boards.The primer can be used on both dry and wet surfaces, as well as in contact with EPS.

ATTENTION!!! Do not use in rooms with permanent human presence.

Packaged in 5, 3 & 1 kg containers.


Stir well before application. Apply the primer with a brush or spraying device, in one layer. The number of layers depends on the base absorbability. When the base is highly absorbable, the application may be repeated.

Recommendations and remarks

The temperature of the base and its surroundings during the application and drying should be between +5°C and +35°C. The optimal application temperature is +20°C. Areas exposed to soiling should be secured. Any stains should be washed away with water before they dry up. Dry stains should be removed with organic solvents.
Information contained on the package help ensure the optimal use of the product, however, it does not create any legal liability of the Manufacturer, due to the fact that the conditions of use remain outside of its control. Any attempts to change the composition of the product are not allowed, as they may considerably reduce its quality. We do not accept any responsibility if the material is combined with products from other Manufacturers.

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