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Grey glue for cellular concrete blocks

Used in the erection of cellular concrete walls, or other construction elements in single- and multi-storey buildings, inside and outside buildings, on joints at thicknesses of 2-3 mm. The product is classified as a masonry mortar for thin joints (T type), with compression strength at a category min. M10.

Packaged in 25kg containers.


Preparation of mortar: Empty the mortar package (25kg) into ca. 5,5-6.0 l of clean, cool water and stir until a smooth mass without lumps is obtained. Mortar consistency should be selected according to the type of intended works, materials used, base and weather conditions. Adding too much water may result in worsening of strength parameters. When the mortar thickens, stir it again without adding water.
Brick-laying: Mortar should be applied to surfaces with a brick trowel and distributed with a toothed trowel. The laid elements should be slightly pressed and levelled. Correction time depends on the ambient temperature and absorbability of the laid elements. If there are no profiled “locks” in them, apply mortar also on their vertical sides.



Recommendations and remarks

The temperature of the base and its surroundings during the application and drying should be between +5°C and +30°C. Optimum temperature during application: +20°C. The specified processing times may be subject to considerable variations under the influence of adverse thermal and moisture conditions. Tools should be washed with water directly after the completion of works.
Information contained in the manual help ensure the optimal use of the product, however, it does not create any legal liability of the Manufacturer, due to the fact that the conditions of use remain outside of its control. We do not accept any responsibility if the material is combined with products from other Manufacturers.

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